Guide: Various Types of Snap Hooks and Their Applications

Snap hooks, also known as spring hooks, prevent any kind of accident from happening due to unhooking of rope, cord, or other target lines. These are commonly found to be used in almost all industries in a variety of ways. 


As one of the leading snap hook manufacturers in India, we manufacture different types of snaps which must be used correctly for a given application. Here is a guide for you to understand the different types of snap hooks and how they find different types of applications as per the type. 


Types of Snap Hooks: 

1. Snap Hooks: 

The traditional snap hook is the most common type of all the snap hooks that consists of a durable spring allowing strong, quick attachments. These are metal hooks that come in a question-mark shape with a hollow section that is fitted with a spring-loaded closing bar. There is also an appendage catching the snap-hook. Snap hooks are made of a variety of materials and offer multiple functions. 

2. Heavy-Duty Snaps 

  Certain applications in various industries demand the use of heavy-duty snap hooks. These are specifically designed and manufactured for strength and durability and in compliance with International Standard Guidelines. 

3. Trigger Snaps 

These are specially designed snap hooks that come with an additional feature of a small lever attached to the spring gate apparatus. On pressing the lever, the spring gate retracts inwards and releases the attached line. Moreover, these are specifically designed so that they do not open accidentally. 

4. Bolt Snaps 

These are similar to trigger snaps and can be operated single-handedly. However, the difference between the two lies in the unlocking mechanism. The bolt snap comes with a button instead of a lever (in case of trigger snaps) which allows the spring gate to release. Bolt snaps are less secure than trigger snaps as they can sometimes cause accidental detachment. 


Where Do Snap Hooks Find Applications? 


Snap hooks are used commonly in various industries. Some of its most common applications are: 


  1. It finds great use in sports equipment. They are primarily used to hold up the nettings. They are also used to secure rifle slings, bird straps, or water skis. 
  2. Snap hooks find limitless use in the electric/ power supply world. Different types of snap hooks are used to attach or connect ropes, wires, cords, or other electrical lines. 
  3. They are massively used in the awnings industry as well. Whether it is retractable or stationary, snap hooks offer stable and adjustable support. 
  4. Snap hooks are also extensively used in marine hardware. It is used as an attachment to anchor chains, trailer safety chains, to secure various types of equipment, and secure vessels to docks. 

Snap hooks are heavy-duty hardware and are used for tough durable products and they can be used creatively in many ways. Golden Peakock is known for its perfection as snap hook manufacturers in India and they manufacture these keeping in mind the tough usability that they are put through. Hence, their snap hooks are durable, strong, and heavy-duty.