Case Study – Jockey

Case Study- Jockey

Being in the industry as manufacturers and suppliers of Wire Rope Support Systems in India for more than seven decades, GPL was approached by Jockey as they were aware we could supply them with the best and the most reliable wire suspension kits which would demonstrate spectacular results, anyone who has ever seen.

The Client 

Jockey is a well-known name in the retail sector and is an American company. However, we worked in close quarters with their office located in India.

The Project 

GPL considers itself as a services and solutions company and not just suppliers of wire suspension kits. Hence, our association with Jockey involved supplying a total of 20000 wire suspension kits which required to be supplied over a period of 5 months.

The challenge involved working closely with the entire value chain for a period of 45 days together along with getting approval for the GPL make products. Although being manufacturers, our scope was limited to being suppliers solely.

GPL Solution 

We supplied Jockey with a range of components including the wire suspension kits and made sure to work in coherence with the entire value chain. We further ensured not to compromise on safety on any of our equipment which were constructed well and would also add to the pleasing aesthetics overall. We achieved our goal of completing the entire supply within 1 week of receiving the final Purchase Order from the clients. The project progression was completed over 3 phases and the clients received all the materials just in time.

The Outcome 

Despite working within a tight deadline, we managed to finish supply within 15 days from receiving the final purchase order from the client. Jockey was now ready to use our products based on safety which are built to last. We continued working closely with them since then and feel proud to regularly supply them with components and wire rope suspension kits. Our client was beyond satisfied with our products and services, the quality of the deliverables and they were most satisfied with the commercials. It was indeed one of theworthwhile projects that we were involved in and feel really proud to have been able to participate in it.


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