Case Study – Flipkart

Case Study - Flipkart

GPL was founded in 1948 and with 7 decades of experience in the field, came of age as one of the preferred manufacturers and suppliers of Lamp Holders, Brass Components, Lamp Bases, Wall Display Systems, Electrical and Wiring Accessories, Cable Grippers, and Wire Rope Support. As a supplier of Wire Rope Suspension Kits, today, we are proud to have contributed our technical supplies to Flipkart, our yet another name worthy client in our kitty.

The Client 

Flipkart is a name known to all. It is an Indian private e-commerce company, incorporated in Singapore. They are one of the prime players who revolutionized the way of shopping among Indians, today.

The Project 

The entire value chain of GPL worked closely with Flipkart in this ambitious project of supplying Wire Rope Suspension Kits to fifteen different projects in various locations across a time frame of eighteen months.

However, being a massive project, as a company of suppliers, our primary challenge was to ensure that the GPL made products were approved and also to set-up a mock-up at site. For this, we needed to work together with the entire value chain.

The Solution 

Not back-tracking on the challenges faced, GPL came together with each influencer consisting in each value chain. We further ensured that our product was in approval so that we came out as the lowest bidder in the panel.

Within one week of receiving the commercially completed Purchase Order we finished supplying our products which comprised 7000 wire rope suspension kits. We worked with the entire value chain for one month and the project progression was completed over 3 phases.

The Outcome 

The supply was completed successfully with the help of our dedicated team working hard to meet every need and requirement of our esteemed client. We were happy to report our customer’s satisfaction with our products, the quality, our deliveries, our services, and also the commercials. Overall, it was a meaningful experience for GPL to work on this project with Flipkart and we are proud to be a part of their continued success.


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