Case Study – Amazon

Case Study - Amazon

As a specialist manufacturer and supplier of wire joining device and suspension system, GPL, is frequently called upon to provide solutions for improved usability by offering a range of additional tools, specifically required to be identified for each job- for our clients to achieve the best standard of work in their projects.

The Client 

Amazon, a technological company focusing on e-commerce, cloud, computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Being one of the world’s most valuable brands, it is often referred to as “the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world.”

The Project 

Working solely as manufacturers with our scope limited to supplying only, our association with Amazon involved supplying wire rope suspension kits to eight different projects in various locations, spread over a time period of six months.

The project presented a particular challenge of getting the GPL make approved for the project which demanded us as a supplier to work with the entire value chain including showcasing of a mockup at site.

The Solution 

GPL solution devised an indigenous plan of working with each influencer in the value chain. As suppliers we ensured that our manufactured products are in approval which would aid us as the lowest bidder.

Within two weeks from receiving the commercially completed Purchase Order, we supplied 8000 wire rope suspension kits for a complex yet visionary project. The project progression was completed over 3 phases and the clients received all the materials just in time.

The Outcome 

With this project, GPL worked within an extremely tight timescale. However, our dedicated team put in all their hard work and effort to execute the project so that our clients receive ultimate customer satisfaction. We were highly satisfied for being able to keep up with our values and commitment and received positive feedback from our esteemed clients regardingtheir satisfaction regarding our services, deliveries, quality of our products, and most importantly with the commercials.

Overall, this was indeed one of the worthwhile projects that we were involved in, and feel proud to have been able to participate in it.


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