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Understanding The Different Types of Power Supplies And Their Basic Differences

Being one of the leading power supply products suppliers, we believe that it is our ethical responsibility to offer knowledge to everyone about power supply and power supply products. This article will discuss the basics of different types of power supply which ought to be known and understood for anyone and everyone. 

An adapter providing an AC-DC power supply is nothing more than an electrical device that gains electricity from a grid-based power supply and then changes it into a different current, possessing different frequencies and voltage. This power supply is required to offer the right kind of power in the right quantity that every electrical component requires. 

Hence, in simple terms, the AC-DC power supply gives electricity to devices, gadgets, and equipment that usually run on batteries or have no source of power. 

What is an AC-DC Power Supply? 

Well, most of us use gadgets and equipment in our regular lives that require both types of electricity. However, an AC-DC power supply transforms one type of electricity- which is ‘alternating current’ into ‘direct current’. 

Now, let us understand what exactly is AC Power. 

What is AC Power? 

AC Power is also known as Alternating Current and is the most basic and standard form of electricity which is provided to homes and businesses from the electrical grid. It is called so, primarily due to its specific waveform that the electrons of the current take. However, there may be times when the current reverses and changes its extent. 

Moreover, the frequencies and voltage of AC power vary from location and region. The reason behind this is that AC power moves in the form of waves and can travel much beyond DC power. Therefore, this power supply is primarily used in electrical grid systems all over the world. Although many electrical devices use an AC power supply, there are certain devices that require converting into DC electricity. 

Now, let us understand a little about DC power. 

What is DC Power? 

DC Power, which is also known as Direct Current, is another type of power supply that is used in various applications. However, unlike AC Power, the electrons of DC Power move in a linear path and hence are used in electrical devices like batteries, solars, and fuel cells, even alternators use DC Power and not AC Power. 

One greatest advantages of DC Power is that it provides voltage to electrical devices consistently. Nonetheless, it runs only across short distances, thus making it not so suitable for electrical grids. 

Electronic items require more DC power because of their clean and consistent power supply where the main electricity is AC Power, which gets converted into DC supply by the AC-DC power supply. 

AC-DC power supplies have in-built rectifiers and transformers which helps to increase or reduce voltage levels wherever and whenever necessary. It is these rectifiers that convert AC into DC Power. 

Now, the main question arises, 

Why are two different power types necessary? 

In a nutshell, as per power supply products suppliers, both AC and DC current have their own specific functions, advantages, and disadvantages and hence are equally important to be used in various forms of applications. For instance, while AC power delivers electricity over long distances and is required for distribution via the main grid system, DC power, on the other hand, provides a more reliable and linear form of electricity, however over a shorter distance. 

Nonetheless, it is the AC Power that dominates the electrical world, but DC power is equally necessary important to act as a source of power for electronic gadgets and items at home or in workplaces. 


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