Ultimate Need Of Every Industry – Brass Electrical Components

Ultimate Need Of Every Industry – Brass Electrical Components



There are a variety of electrical applications for brass electrical components, such as connecting electrical paths, distributing electricity, and maintaining overpower, among others. Because brass is resistant to corrosion, brass electrical components are used in various industrial and commercial applications. It is also a good conductor of electricity. Because of their versatility, brass electrical components can be used in low, medium, or high-voltage electrical applications, depending on what kind of project you are working on.

There are several types of electrical components.

Accessories made of brass

It can be made of natural brass or nickel-plated, tin-plated, or several other materials per the application. Connections between electrical & electronic parts are made with brass electrical accessories. A wide variety of electrical components are available in various sizes and types. Here are a few examples:

  • Control Panel Accessories in Brass
  • Accessory items for brass switchboards
  • Auto Electrical Brass Accessories
  • Earthing accessories made of brass
  • Brass lighting fittings and accessories

Electric Lighting Parts in Brass: 

Electric Lighting Parts in Brass

Lighting parts in brass can be attached to lampshades in many shapes. In addition to raw and polished finishes, they are also available in plated finishes. It is most common to choose these based on their appearance, which will catch the attention of everyone entering the room. Whether indoors or outdoors, this brass electrical lamp part is essential to any lighting system. 

  • Lamp holders made from brass
  • Plug pins made of brass
  • Lamp Nipples made from brass
  • Lighting Accessories in Brass
  • Lamp bases made of brass
  • Lamp arms made from brass

 Electric-fuse brass-core parts: 

Electric-fuse brass-core parts

Electric parts are essential to electrical circuits that have different voltage, current, and response times, as well as specific ratings, which are essential for safety. These fuse parts’ impulse spark over response makes them most suitable for use in sensitive equipment. As a result of device failure or power overload, they are widely used in electrical installations and in protecting equipment against short circuits and damage.

  • KitKat fuses made from brass
  • Fuse contacts made of brass
  • Fuse connectors made from brass
  • Fuse holder made of brass

Electrical cable connectors made of brass:

Electric cable gripper are connected to electrical circuits by electromechanical components. Generally, it comes in male and female varieties. Electrical connectors serve a variety of purposes, including permanent connections and removable and reusable ones. Various metals, such as nickel, chromium, and silver, can be used to coat these tough and malleable products.

Electrical switchgear components made of brass: 

Electrical manufacturers who manufacture electronic products and install switchgear components for safety purposes will benefit from these products. Premium brass material is used to manufacture these parts, and they are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and specifications. Energy supply is the primary use for low and high-voltage switchgear components.

Earthing applications and transferring electric energy to the earth/ground use this versatile electrical component. Components such as these are used in earthing installations to prevent short circuits and electrical breakdowns.

Electrical meter parts made of brass:

Electrical meter parts made of brass

The majority of them are found in various types of energy meters. They are widely used for meter installation and household use in a variety of industries. The technology industry uses meter parts in manufacturing, electricity, automobiles, and other industries. Various threads, sizes, colors, mounting options, lengths, and specifications are available to suit different industrial applications.


We provide a wide range of brass hardware electrical components made of high-quality material with international quality standards, including the finest and precision-formed brass electrical components. For all types of electrical parts, our manufacturer provides the best manufacturing technology-based solution to meet your industrial needs. With Golden Peakock, you can get quality electrical components at competitive prices!

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