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The Various Uses Of Different Types of Lampholders

Lampholders are everywhere and are needed for all types of lamps. Lampholder manufacturers and suppliers manufacture various kinds of lamp holders as each lamp type demands different lampholders. Lampholders are essential as they are used to hold lamps and connect them electrically to the power supply.

As mentioned above, there are different types of lampholders. The most commonly used ones and the most important ones are:

  1. Batten Holder 

Batten lampholders are designed to be fixed directly on the surface (wall or wooden board) where the lamp is to be fixed. The lamp is then forced and slightly turned to the left which fixes itself in the holder. This type of holder is mostly used in bathrooms, laboratories, and testing boards. 

  1. Angle Holders

Angle holders are rampantly being used nowadays. They provide light at an angle of 45 degrees are fixed on sidewalls and definitely not on ceilings. These are available in a variety of designs and are mostly fixed in halls, kitchens, and rooms. 

  1. Slanting Holders

These are bayonet-type lampholders and are usually constructed of bakelite or brass. They are primarily used for floodlights, advertising boards, and stages. These are specifically used for shades for the lamp to be concentrated on the material display and do not cause any reflection for the viewers. 

  1. Pendant Holders 

Lamp holder function, like pendant holders, is usually very temporary. They are hung from the ceiling so that they hang straight downwards vertically over the ground. However, while fixing it, the holder must be held as they are not fixed to the walls like some other types of lampholders and then the lamp must be inserted into it and given a slight turn to the left to fix it securely. Pendant holders are also made of materials like brass or bakelite. 

  1. Watertight Bracket Holders 

The watertight bracket holders are specifically designed for outdoors by lampholder suppliers and manufacturers. Hence, they are used primarily in street lights are covered with a glass cover to avoid water. 

  1. Lampholder Adapters

These adapters are used to tap power temporarily for small pieces of equipment and appliances from the lampholder. Lamp holder adapters are most commonly used in bathrooms or any place which is dampened. 

  1. Bracket Holders 

Bracket holders provide direct light to the space or room They are not hung or fixed on the ceiling but are placed on the walls Bracket holders are made of brass and they are used in table lamps. 

  1. Miniature Screw-Type Holders

Miniature screw-type lampholders are mostly used for decoration purposes. They are either placed and fixed to the wall or on a board in a similar manner like a screw. These too are constructed of brass or bakelite and are available in two types of specifications- 100 volts or 230 volts. 

Well, these are the various types of lampholders that are manufactured by lampholders manufacturers and suppliers. Each of these is manufactured depending on the lamp and lighting purpose for which they are to be used and need to be purchased accordingly. 


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