The Various Constructions of Golden Peakock Wire Ropes

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Golden Peakock Overseas Private Limited is a leading wire rope manufacturing company in India. Apart from manufacturing reliable and superior quality wire ropes, they also manufacture lamp holders, decorative lighting parts, brass electrical components, precise brass parts, wire rope suspension systems, cable grippers, zinc die casting components, aluminum die casting components, signage, and display systems. With their in-house cutting-edge R and D, production, and Quality control facilities, they are the proud possessors of more than 20 patents all across the globe and are reputed for being one of the largest manufacturers of MEMKO (ENEC) UL Listed Metal Lamp Holders. 

Golden Peakock As Wire Rope Manufacturers

Industrial machinery requires pulling and lifting heavy loads and it is wire ropes that facilitate this. Moreover, wire ropes also function as support cables for large static structures such as stadium roofs and bridges. Golden Peakock manufactures wire rope with steel wires which are typically .6 to 8 millimeters in diameter. These individual wires are then put together and then made into strands. However, the number of wires per strand depends entirely on the application of the wire as various applications need various levels of flexibility and strength. 

  • Wires: Wire ropes are steel wires and are usually constructed with non-alloy carbon steel material containing 0.5- 0.95% carbon content which ensures the strength of the wire. It is the strength and durability of steel wires that are able to support large tensile forces and are also capable to be run over sheaves with small diameters. 
  • Strands: When steel wires of different layers cross over each other, strands are formed. Parallel lay strands are the most commonly manufactured strands and the lay length of the wire is equal to the wires of the two layers that run parallel. This ensures linear contact where the inner layer offers support to the outer layer of the wires all along the entire length of the strand. 
  • Spiral Ropes: Spiral ropes are rounded strands that are put together in layers of wires that are aligned in a spiral. They are constructed specifically to be non-rotating, meaning there is almost no tension under the rope torque. 
  • Stranded Wire Ropes: These are comprised of seven different layers of strand wire ropes and are laid in multiple spiraling layers around a core. A stranded rope core generally comes in three different types: 
  • Fiber cores 
  • Wire strand cores 
  • and/ or independent wire cord ropes

Fiber cords being the most flexible and elastic of the three types can be easily crushed. The second type is usually used for suspension and possesses high tensile strength. The third type, which is the independent wire rope is the most durable in all types of environments across almost all industries. 

To know more about wire ropes, their different designs, or even their applications, get in touch with Golden Peackock, right now! As mentioned they are the best wire rope manufacturing company in India and their expert team is always ready to help you out.


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