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Suspension System: Wire Rope Loop Fixing Kits By Golden Peakock

Wire ropes are ideally used to create secure overhead spans by running high-strength wire rope between two fixed points. These primarily find applications where there is an absence of a direct vertical anchor point. On the other hand, wire loops which are formed out of wire ropes, are ideal for looping around purlins, beams, roof trusses, and various other types of suitable building or suspension systems. 

Features of Wire Ropes: 

Wires ropes are versatile and can be put to use for a variety of applications. Starting from lighting systems, HVAC, pipework, electrical containment, so on and so forth. 

Compared to traditional methods, wire ropes are quick to install as they contain fewer components. These are six times faster to install compared to the usual transitional suspension systems. 

Wire ropes are aesthetically designed which complements enclosed and open spaces offering a seamless finish, without making it look disturbing or untidy. 

Wire ropes or wire rope suspension kits are safe to use. It does not require any kind of “hot works” permit for installation and therefore enhances the health and safety quotient on-site. 

Our wire rope kits are easily tensioned, hence reducing the time spent working at an elevation. 

These are secure and strong as they come with a locking mechanism that prevents any sort of dynamic movements. 

Last but not the least, they are extremely lightweight, easy to move, and easy to handle on-site, while reducing the overall load on the building structure. 

Features of Golden Peakock Wire Loops: 

Golden Peakock wire rope suspension kits and wire loops offer significant time savings during the process of installation. They are specifically designed intuitively so that they are easy to use. 

Our wire loops possess hangers that are non-invasive and are manufactured with a simple choke-knot technique. They do not require nuts, bolts, clamps, or any kind of other accessories. They are six times faster to install compared to traditional methods of suspension such as threaded rods or chains. 

Our wire loops ensure great safety factors and are supplied as a ready-to-use kit with ropes and our own manufactured hanger. Additionally, they are available in various lengths as per request. Our products are independently certified and are manufactured of high-quality stainless steel. 

Why Use Golden Peakock Wire Loops? 

All of the above-mentioned characteristics of Golden Peakock wire loops offer significant time and cost savings on your project. They offer complete off-site solutions which overall reduce health and safety concerns. They are designed with innovation by our in-house team of experts and engineers. Also, our solutions are patented. Moreover, we also offer a range of support services at every step of the project which is provided by our technical team. 


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