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Our Guide To Different Features of Lamp Holders

As the name suggests clearly, a bulb or a lamp holder is a specially designed device that securely holds and supplies power to a light bulb. These are found in various types to be used for specific types of lamps and bulbs. Also, they are made of various materials, however, the most common ones are the ones which are made of brass. Brass lamp holders are something which you will find in every household or commercial setting as they provide the convenience of replacing bulbs whenever required. 

As mentioned earlier, lamp holders are available in various types and these are categorized based on the socket of the bulb and the construction-type. The most prevalent ones are the Edison Screw and Bayonet Mounts and we, Golden Peakock, are one of the leading manufacturers of these and all types of lamp holders in India. 

So, based on the build-type, bulb holders are classified as Angle Holders, Batten Holders, and Pendant Holders. With immense experience in the industry, we manufacture all types of bulb and lamp holders, including the above mentioned three types. 

  • Angle Holders: Tilted at a specific angle, this particular type of bulb holders are designed to focus light in a specified angular direction and are most commonly seen to be used in households to illuminate the entire space or room with fewer number of bulbs. 
  • Batten Holders: This particular type of lamp holder are designed to focus light in a perpendicular direction to the base. They are attached on ceilings to avoid any kind of shadow light from the top. 
  • Pendant Holders: Also known as hanging bulb holders, these are hung from the ceiling with the use of movable wire attached to a ceiling rose. They find a variety of applications both in household and commercial lighting. 
  • Ceiling Roses: These are a specific type of ceiling mounts that are electrical devices which establish connection points especially for branch wires in circuit lighting. These are particularly attached to tubelights and ceiling fans. 

The Features that Good Brass Lamp Holders Must Have: 

  • They must be able to establish a strong hold 

A strong hold of the bulb by the holder is essential for safety purposes. With this in our mind, our lamp and bulb holders offer superior quality grip for all types of lamps and bulbs. 

  • They Must Offer Resistance to Rust 

Our lamp holders are manufactured using the best available technologies, and materials, so that we can provide you with the best rust-free products at reasonable price points. 

  • High Durability

As one of the top names in the industry, we ensure to manufacture superior quality products that will last you long. Hence, high durability is something that you can expect from us, no matter what the product may be. 

  • Resistance to Heat 

Bulbs, if used for too long can heat up quickly and the heat may also get channelled towards the bulb holder. Too much of heating of the bulb holder can reduce its longevity. Therefore, to avoid this, our bulb holders are manufactured to be heat-resistant which in turn ensures the durability of it. 

  • Designs and Types 

Bulb holders are available in different types and designs. As a consumer, we understand when you are looking for products that match with the interiors and add up to the whole aesthetics of look and feel. Hence, we offer a wide range of bulb holders to cater to all your needs. 


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