Unfinished brass lampholders

KnowHow: The Functioning of a Lampholder

Lampholders, also known as light sockets are simple devices that hold a light bulb together and supply electricity to the lamp. So, when a light bulb burns out, it can be easily replaced. 

Now, the question lies in, ‘how brass lampholders function?’

All lampholders function in the same way. However, brass is only the material that is most commonly used to construct a lampholder. 

How does a lampholder function? 

Sometimes or the other, we have experimented with light bulbs and a battery, trying to figure out how the wire connects directly from a battery to a loose bulb. Well, a light socket functions in the same way, with the use of a base that helps to hold it all together. Moreover, lampholders help to replace the bulb later, if and when it is necessary. 

In brass lampholdersyou must have noticed a black hot wire which touches the tab-shaped contact which is placed inside the socket. It is this contact which consequently touches the tip of the bulb. The socket which is threaded at the base of the lamp, holds together the bulb tightly with the threaded base of the bulb and it is the return wire which again touches the base of the socket and ends the electrical circuit. 

Hence, the light socket works simply, where the electricity goes through the hot wire into the brass tab which is placed in the centre and then enters the light bulb. Consequently, the electricity goes through the bulb and the threaded base of the bulb, right into the threaded base of the socket and then out through the return wire. 

However, what is most important to ensure is the socket lasts you for a long time, and, this will be ensured that the base of the lampholder contacts the bulb tightly and the contact and base is corrosion-free. 

Although light sockets usually work for many years, the ones used in bathrooms may get quickly corroded due to the presence of moisture. This may also lead to burning out of the bulb also, quickly. 

How Do You Fix Broken Light Sockets? 

Well, fixing a broken light socket is no rocket science. The part of brass lampholders that wear out, is usually the contact. However, this basic problem can be solved by re-bending the socket to make it function again, and properly. A light socket can be replaced if anyone is unable to fix it. We have a variety of light sockets and lampholders which are available to you. Reach out to us, now! And we shall help you out with the details and technicalities. 


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