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HVAC Cable Suspension System Suppliers India

The most important aspect to be looked into when it comes to installing an HVAC system in any building is its suspension. The cable suspension required for such a purpose must be stable, convenient to install, durable, and cater to all the necessary building regulations. Choosing the appropriate suspension system is therefore essential in order to ensure the HVAC ducts are safely and securely attached to ceilings and walls. Moreover, the installation must also be super easy. Golden Peakock Overseas Private Limited is one of the leading HVAC cable suspension systems suppliers in India and they manufacture cable suspension that you need for successful installation of the HVAC system. 

Golden Peakock is the official supplier of cable suspension systems. Being a 100% Indian company they are the leading suppliers of the HVAC industry all across the country. Their cable suspension systems are high-quality wire systems, designed and manufactured by expert engineers. The material used to make Golden Peakock suspension systems are stainless steel or galvanized steel high tensile wire rope, with which you can rest assured of unbeatable durability and performance. 

How Are Cable Suspension Systems Put To Use? 

Golden Peakock suspension systems are designed and manufactured to be best-in-class products They are provided with an alternative rigid threaded bar for easy application and smooth installation. At the time of HVAC suspension ducts, from ceilings and walls, Golden Peakock Cable Suspension Systems offer durable solutions that are not only simple to install but also less expensive. These suspension systems come with an effective locking mechanism that makes them versatile and can be installed quickly anytime, anywhere. 

The locking system is made with a zinc alloy material with high tensile galvanized wire rope using its oil-impregnated sintered metal wedge that is designed specifically to lock the first time, every time. The locking mechanism is therefore simple and reliable. They are aesthetically pleasing as well. All of these features make Golden Peakock suspension cables a perfect choice for everyone- from architects to engineers. 

Golden Peakock Wire Suspension Systems: 

If you are searching for Cable or wire suspension systems in India, Golden Peakock’s expert team is there to help you out with it all. They can be applied to HVAC systems in a variety of ways to improve costs, aesthetics, and strength for any type of project. Golden Peakock’s cable suspension systems are easy to clean and maintain while being safe and cost-effective. 

You can go ahead and choose the perfect suspension system for your HVAC system considering which material you want to attach it to, the attachment type, and safe working load. Choosing the right product is the first step to installing an HVAC cable suspension system. 


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