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How To Install Ceiling Fans on False Ceilings, Effectively

Like installing the right light in the right space is important, similarly installing ceiling fans in the right way is equally important. They must be placed appropriately so that it is effective, efficient, quiet, and offers you thermal comfort. 

However, the real challenge lies when there’s a false ceiling, and the mounting height, side clearance, and top clearance all change. Although ceiling attachments are required to attach a fan to a regular ceiling, it is even more important to use one or many when it comes to attaching fans to a false ceiling. In this article, we’ll see the details of the process and find out how ceiling fans are installed to a false ceiling using external attachments.

The Process of Installing Fans To A False Ceiling 

As we all know, false ceilings are made below the height of the regular ceiling, in order to hide the cables, wires, and ducts of the centralized cooling system. False ceilings are quite commonly used nowadays and are installed in many modern architectures to gain that aesthetic appeal. Hence, you will mostly find them in commercial buildings and office spaces. However, what’s important here is that the regular ceiling must be compatible with the installation of false ceilings, as many traditional buildings are not designed for a false ceiling, and this may bring about a negative impact on the effectiveness of the ceiling fan. 

There are two ways fans can be installed in false ceilings and both these methods require the use of ceiling attachments that ensure safety and precautions as well.  

One method of installing a fan to a false ceiling is by mounting the fan to the concrete ceiling (the original one) and the other method involves mounting the ceiling fans to the false ceiling by keeping provisions to install them later. 

As per lighting engineers, it is always a better idea to mount a ceiling fan to the original ceiling while keeping a suitable opening in the false one. This method is better in terms of safety. However, the aesthetics of the space should not be compromised while doing this and hence proper care must be taken. Installing ceiling fans also depends on the material and construction of the false ceiling as they might not always be designed to take all of this load. Hence, proper steps and care must be taken while doing this while following the recommendations strictly so that the effectiveness of the ceiling fans is not reduced. 

These two ways are the standard methods of installing ceiling fans to false ceilings for typical usage. These guidelines must be put in place reasonably as per one’s purpose and choice so that the efficiency of the fan is not lost. We at Golden Peakock, supply you with ceiling attachments of global standards, which will ensure safety and durability in the long run if you are attaching fans to false ceilings. Get in touch with us and we shall be more than happy to help you out on this.


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