How to Choose a Suspension Cable Gripper Supplier

When it comes to tugging or tensioning, cable grippers are fantastic. Once the cable pullers are positioned correctly and carried to the task site, they are light and straightforward to use. Cable grippers are widely used in many different industries and are frequently used in daily tasks.

How Are Cable Grippers Used?

A cable gripper, as its name implies, is a gripping device that enables people to pull a load and apply strain to the wire rope that is threaded through it. In addition to being used in business, wire rope also needs to be tightened for everyday tasks around the house, like fencing. Cable grippers come in handy in instances like these because they make it simple, quick, and easy to remove slack from the wire rope, which results in a stronger structure than it would have had it been manually tightened.

The main reason cable grippers are employed is because they offer safety. Utilizing the right safety tool is crucial since tightening or creating tension in wire ropes is a dangerous task. Good cable grips provide a solid, non-slip hold without damaging the wire rope.

How to Choose a Suspension Cable Gripper

It is usually advised to check the suspension cable gripper material because a poor choice of material will undoubtedly cause problems throughout the entire system. Modern grippers are constructed of galvanized steel and aluminum-clad steel, so you must make every effort to obtain these materials.

When buying a suspension cable gripper, performance is the most crucial factor to take into account. If you are an expert, you may personally examine the specifics of these grips, or you can always read customer feedback and product reviews.

Cable Grips Are Not All Created Equal:

The most popular cable gripper is affixed to the final few feet of the cable and functions nearly like a half-hitch method rather than providing a “grip” per se. If the pull is not too difficult and the tensioning is not too tight, this type performs incredibly well.

The second kind of cable grip on the market is made of a metal wire mesh known as Kellems Grip. It is more akin to a pulling eye-equipped braided wire sleeving grip. These grips are very strong, but they also have some limitations, such as the head itself taking up a lot of space due to the grip profile.

A grip made of fabric mesh is the third form of cable grip. They have the same basic design as the Kellems Grip but have a significantly lower profile and come with braided circular fabric sleeving. These grippers come in two varieties: polyester and synthetic, with the polyester being more cost-effective and the synthetic being more robust and long-lasting.

The Golden Peacock: The best suspension cable gripper supplier

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