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Golden Peakock Overseas Ltd: Leading Coupler Manufacturers in India

Electrical couplers, also sometimes known as electrical connectors is a device that connects electrical terminators to establish a well-connected electrical circuit. This device is an integral part of the total mechanism as it establishes contact between the wires, cables, circuit boards, and the other essential electrical components. Golden Peakock Overseas Ltd. is one of the leading coupler manufacturers in India and specializes in manufacturing both push-pull electrical connectors and sensor connectors. 

A push-pull electrical coupler is characterized by the push-pull locking system design and this device finds its applications in a wide range of industries. Golden Peakock Overseas Ltd. manufactures couplers that are not only user-friendly but also ensure safety and security. They can also be connected and disconnected easily and also allow you to save space. 

On the other hand, sensor connectors come with a thread locking structure and are vastly used in sensor industries and are available in various types, namely, M5, M8, M12, M15, M16, and M23 series. We as a company value our customers and their needs and are committed to being one of the best coupler manufacturers offering our clients, one-stop connector services. Our couplers are manufactured complying with the unbending international standards and have received patronage from both domestic and international markets of various industries. 

Golden Peakock Overseas Ltd: 

Golden Peakock Overseas Ltd. is an enterprise with more than seven decades of experience as a supplier of lamp holders, brass components, lamp bases wall display systems, electrical wiring accessories, cable grippers, wire ropes support all across the world. With more than twenty-seven authoritative patents to our credit, we offer eco-friendly power supply solutions. Today, we can proudly claim to be one of the first non-European manufacturers who have received the approval of the prestigious ENEC certificate on our lamp holders. 

Our state-of-the-art production facilities are located in Noida, Moradabad, and Jamnagar, and we have already served over 200 customers spread across 40 countries all over the world. We cater to all the needs of our valued customers and implement comprehensive quality management and our several quality awards certificates stand testimony to our commitment to our customers. Thriving on our company policy, we offer professional technology and service guarantee amongst our competition.


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