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Get Rid Of Power Cords With Golden Peakock’s Lighting Suspension System

Golden Peakock Overseas Private Limited is a nationwide reputed manufacturer and supplier of lamp holders, brass components, lamp bases, wall display systems, electrical and wiring accessories, cable grippers, and wire rope supports. The company innovates and introduces the most cutting-edge solutions for lighting fixtures. Its latest lighting suspension cable gripper is a suspension system that can be used for linear fixtures, lightboxes, and multi-pendant LED fixtures that require multiple connectors. 

This innovative cable from the house of Golden Peakock is perfectly suited for a pendant or linear fixtures which are capable of powering any type of class 2 LED lighting system which is durable and sturdy enough to hang heavy fixtures offering optimum working load. These are complete systems of revolutionary grippers that can be quickly adjusted and installed. 

It is natural not wanting a lighting suspension system that is bulky, especially when we have a beautiful lighting fixture. Golden Peakock’s lighting suspension cable gripper permits trimming of the cord so that an elegant or a modern look can be presented to any type of linear or single-pendant lighting fixture- all the while offering strength, reliability, and durability. 

Golden Peakock cable grippers for lighting suspension are safe, strong simple, and can be put to versatile use. It is most definitely one of its kind in the market today providing multiple precision-made parts so that it can fit almost every conceivable fixture and application. 

Precautions To Be Taken While Installing Our Cable Grippers 

Although Golden Peakock cable grippers are safe, reliable, durable, and easy to use, however taking a few precautions have never harmed anyone. 

Here are a few important tips that you must consider when installing cable grippers. 

  • Be careful of the risk of any kind of electrical shocks when the cable is entering the lighting fixture. 
  • Do not attempt to manipulate the gripper under any circumstances. 
  • Any form of impulse or vibration can lead to a reduction in the overall strength. 
  • Prevent usage of grippers in spaces that have chlorine or acid and may generate fumes. 
  • Avoid painting or coating the cable or gripper. 
  • Do not let dust or small particles constrict the gripper mechanism. 
  • Frayed cables can spoil the locking mechanism of the cables and grippers. To avoid this, cut cables from fraying or apply a drop of super-glue. 
  • Optical inspection is a must for greater safety. Ensure that all three balls are in their right place before the installation. 
  • The thread must not be over-torqued while installation of cable grippers. 

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