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Decoding Wire Ropes: Their Purpose, Types, and Advantages

Invented almost 2 centuries ago, wire ropes find applications in almost all heavy-duty industrial applications. Starting from mining and forestry to electrical engineering, wire ropes are required for almost every job. Wire rope manufacturers make them by tightly twisting and braiding strands of individual wires together. Each of these strands comprises several dozen wire filaments based on the required length, flexibility, and of course weight capacity. 

The Materials Used To Manufacture Wire Ropes 

Wire rope manufacturers use a variety of metals to construct sturdy and durable wire ropes. The most commonly used metals are aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel, and sometimes even bronze for certain specific applications. However, primarily they are produced from steel and the most common types of steel in use are galvanized steel, bright wire, stainless steel, and cold drawn steel. The reason for it is that steel is strong and has stretchable and flexible properties. 

Different types of Wire Ropes 

Different types of wire ropes find applications in different industries depending on their needs and requirements. This varies because wire ropes are designed differently based on their size, braids, and other characteristics. There are three main types of rope wires. They are: 

1. Stainless Steel 

The standard alloy used to manufacture rope wires is stainless steel. Given that, stainless steel is much more resistant to corrosion than galvanized steel and coated ropes. However, in terms of strength, there’s not much of a difference between these. Since it does not react easily to chemicals, and its high resistance to corrosion, makes it suitable for use in creating delicate and precise instruments, automobiles, electric supply, fishing, and in various other fields. 

2. Galvanized Steel 

It is a steel wire rope, only that it has undergone a galvanizing process in order to increase its corrosion-resistance characteristics. The wire once finished manufacturing is put inside in a zinc bath to coat it completely, and this process is known as galvanizing. Zinc is used in this process as the preservation of the cathode increases the overall durability and life expectancy of the wire. Although the coating does not last a lifetime, the wire continues to be resistant to rust, corrosion, and various harsh chemicals. Such types of galvanized steel wire ropes are used in construction and industrial applications and sometimes as well as in agricultural and DIY projects. 

3. Coated Wire Ropes 

Stainless steel wire ropes and galvanized steel wire ropes are often coated with vinyl or Poly-Vinyl- Chloride (PVC). This type comes in various colors, like transparent, clear, black, or, white and are put to use in various industries. Rope wire manufacturers, manufacture these to be specifically flexible, weather-resistant, and most importantly to be cost-effective. The rope wires which come with nylon coating, are abrasion-resistant and are hence massively used in cold areas. However, these are not as flexible as the PVC-coated ones. As already mentioned earlier, these wire ropes are put together to suffice specific applications. 

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