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Copper Electrical Connector: Why Is It Better?

Electrical couplers, also known as electrical connectors are made of two most distinct materials- copper and aluminum. However, out of the two, copper is the most widely used material and it is being used for almost 200 years now. 

As the leading coupler manufacturer in India, Golden Peakock manufactures copper electrical connectors which find common applications in power generation, distribution, and transmission. 

Why is Copper preferred over any other material? 

To achieve a proper flow of power- free of any obstruction- electrical current needs to flow through metals, and the power source has to fight against resistance. Hence, increased lower levels of resistivity, better the electrical conductivity of the metal. And since, copper as a metal that contains low levels of resistivity, it functions perfectly as an electrical conductor. 

Adding to this, copper as a metal possesses flexibility and therefore is used to handle large loads of electricity at a time. It possesses the ideal level of thickness to handle major loads of electricity while still being maneuverable. 

Copper is also a metal that is much less oxidative compared to other metals. Therefore, copper does not rust so easily. However, it does produce a greenish patina called copper oxide. Unlike rust, this coating actually protects the copper from corroding without interfering with the connectivity. 

How is Aluminum Wiring Compared To Copper? 

Although aluminum as a metal can be used for everything electrical, copper wins over it for a variety of reasons. 

Firstly, compared to copper, aluminum has lower levels of conductivity and hence is more prone to oxidation. The formation of aluminum oxide on its surface is not as conductive as copper oxide which results in a slow flow of electricity. 

Secondly, when compared, copper couplers do not require the incorporation of safety issues like the aluminum ones. This is because aluminum expands and contracts as it heats and cools, which can lead to the loosening of the metal with time- causing a major fire hazard. 

Moreover, aluminum connectors require special considerations. These can range from including unique fixtures that complement the aluminum. On the contrary, copper electrical connectors are much safer to use and involve fewer precautions. 

All of these traits together, make copper a better choice to be used in electrical wiring in tight spaces. With flexibility, resistance, and safety considerations, copper is always used in all our couplers. 

Safety Precautions To Be Followed While Using Copper Electrical Couplers: 

Although copper couplers are safer compared to aluminum ones, they still need certain kinds of safety precautions. Hence, while using copper electrical conductors, these are the measures that must be followed- 

  • The copper wire connector which is of the right size must be used. Moreover, the number of wires being connected must also be considered. 
  • The wire ends should and must be covered by the connector. Using electrical tape is not suggested as an alternative for covering the exposed wire. 
  • Reconnecting wires may often damage the ends of the wire. Therefore, the ends must be trimmed and the insulation must be re-stripped to ensure a safe establishment of the connection. 
  • Testing the connection, so as to check if it is safe and secured, must be done by giving the wire a gentle tug.

Golden Peakock, a leading coupler manufacturer in India, manufactures the best electrical couplers which are safe, durable, and of premium quality. So, if you are looking for reliable couplers of high standards, get in touch with us now! 


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