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Comparing The Two: Stainless Steel Wire Ropes and Galvanized Steel Wire Ropes

As a leading manufacturer of cable hanging systems, Golden Peakock manufactures both stainless steel and galvanized steel cables. Although these may sound to be similar, they aren’t that in any way. Here we shall learn the difference between each of these aircraft cable hanging systems made of different materials and determine which one will suit better depending on your requirement and application. 

Stainless Steel Wire Rope 

Stainless steel wire ropes are advantageous and can be put to use in any kind of application. Although they are slightly more expensive than their galvanized counterparts, the former offers greater ROI and is durable, maintaining high strength qualities over almost a lifetime under almost all conditions. However, these are not as strong as tungsten or tolerant of excessive temperatures, nonetheless, they are wonderfully effective cable hanging systems. 

Stainless steel wire rope possesses high corrosion resistance properties because of its treatment with chromium. This makes stainless steel suitable for use even in moisture-filled or harmful salty environments. Hence, these can be used greatly in aircraft and marine industries without getting corroded. 

Galvanized Steel Wire Ropes 

The steel used to make galvanized steel wire rope is dipped in zinc coating which too offers good corrosion resistance properties. However, despite the zinc coating, they are weaker in strength compared to stainless steel wire ropes. The chromium in the latter makes it stronger and more tolerant towards corrosive materials. Galvanized steel ropes tend to corrode in salty or wet conditions. In spite of the difference between galvanized and ungalvanized wire rope, one distinct similarity between the two lies in the fact that both these types can be welded together if they are made to be in contact with each other. 

Since galvanized steel ropes are made of coated steel, they are naturally less expensive compared to their alternative counterparts. 

Galvanized steel ropes find application in industries, since items may brush up against the wire rope in the field, which galvanized steel can tolerate over time. This works exceptionally well in aerospace applications and is widely used as an aircraft cable hanging system.  

So, in a nutshell, which is better? 

Being a cost-effective solution, stainless steel wire ropes work across a range of applications, as it is impervious to salty wetness and is comparatively stronger than galvanized steel wire ropes. However, the latter is corrosion-resistant, except when salt is present and can bear contact with itself far better than the former ones. 

It is essential to keep in mind that each application has unique needs and these differences are mostly generic. So, depending on the application and requirement, they must be used appropriately. Contact us today, for a better understanding on aircraft cable hanging systems or other suspension systems. 


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