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Cables and Wires: The Electrical Units Of Power Supply

Be it a commercial building or a residential one, wires and their functioning are the basic units of electrical power supply. 

As power supplies manufacturers and suppliers, we offer a comprehensive range of wires, cables, and other power supplies elements, designed in a way that meets the needs of any industry. Some of the most commonly used wires in all types of buildings are: 

  • PVC

Possessing excellent properties, PVC wires or Polyvinyl Chloride wires are not only durable and robust but also heat and water-resistant. These are also resistant to a variety of chemicals and hence can prevent corrosion of any sort. Moreover, these are cost-effective and offer almost lifelong service. However, one drawback with PVC wires is that they produce immense amounts of dense smoke in case of a fire due to the presence of halogen in them. 

  • LSZH 

The Low Smoke Zero Halogen wires find application in places where smoke emissions and toxic fumes could be unsafe for human health in case of a fire. These wires do not contain halogen and flame retardant compounds and hence offer to be a safer option if compared to PVC. These are mostly used in public commercial buildings and also in tunnels and underground transport networks. 

  • MGT 

Mica Glass Tape wires are fire-resistant and come with a special grade mica tape wrapped around the conductor. This is because mica possesses insulation properties even in extreme fire situations. It acts as a barrier to insulate the conductor and prevent any kind of shot circuit. They are mostly used in safety circuits, firefighting equipment, and places where circuit integrity is crucial. 

  • PLC 

Panel control wiring is mostly used in switchboards, control panels, and other electrical enclosures. These are designed specifically with finely stranded conductors so that they offer a simple and easy connection. It also comes with halogen-free and fire-retardant insulation so that it offers optimum safety to people and assets against risks of any kind of fire. 


Thermoplastic High Heat Resistant Nylon coated wires are specifically used for connecting branch circuits and appliances while its variants are used in wet locations for which they are specifically designed. These come in single conductor wires which are composed of stranded or solid conductors and possess a coat of PVC thermoplastic with a nylon jacket. However, these wires should never be used when the circuits are on. Golden Peakock, deemed as the top electrical power supplies manufacturers and supplier offer a range of technologically innovative cable and wire solutions to ensure safety while being environment friendly through and through. Our products assure durability, efficiency, consistent performance, and reliability. We meet all sorts of power supply needs of any industry for better and enhanced performance. Get in touch with us now and let us help you with the best cabling and wiring solutions.


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