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aircraft cable grippers

Cable grippers are tools used to lock cables. Aircraft cable grippers are used to lock aircraft cables. It is a self-locking device that automatically and securely locks the cables. Aircraft cable grippers are used in all aircraft. The cable gripper should be of high quality to last long.

Working on aircraft cable gripper

The cable gripper moves freely along the cable when the plunger is depressed. If the plunger is released the aircraft cable gripper locks the cables.

Types of cable grippers

  • Bottom exit gripper

GPCB-211, GPCB-345, GPCB-221, GPCB-211, GPCB-213, etc.

  • Heavy duty gripper

GPCB-358, GPCB-371, GPCB-290B, GPCB-295A, GPCB-394, etc.

  • Loop gripper

GPCB-391, GPCB-376, GPCB-353, EPCB-298, GPCB-304, GPCB-374, etc.

  • Side exit gripper

GPCB-344, GPCB-219G, GPCB-223, GPCB-323C, GPCB-323, GPCB-315, etc.

Aircraft Cable Grippers from Golden Peakock Overseas Ltd

Golden peakock overseas Ltd is one of the top wire rope manufacturing companies.  They provide many other accessories of high quality. The items manufactured by golden peakock company consist of lamp holders, decorative lighting parts, brass electrical components, precise brass parts, suspension systems, cable grippers, etc.

Golden peakock manufactures the best quality aircraft cable grippers. They provide all types of cable grippers including aircraft cable grippers. Golden peakock is one of the leading companies in manufacturing good quality cable grippers.


Aircraft cable grippers are used in all aircraft to hold cables. Thus it is a necessary item in all aircraft. If you want to get the best cable gripper you can visit the golden peakock overseas website to get your product. The website provides a simple and easy view of all the cable grippers so that the user can find their product easily.


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