A Complete Guide to Know About 2-Way Loop gripper

2 way loop gripper

A 2-way loop gripper is a steel cable hanging system to make the suspension work easy. It is the best for an ideal hanging system. The cable loop makes suspension and installation easy. It makes it easy to suspend items from beams, rooftops, and other places.

What is a 2-way loop gripper?

Uses of 2-way loop gripper include removal of the swaging and screwing process of the cable. It will be useful for high-load suspensions. Golden peacock overseas Ltd provides all types of 2-way loop grippers. The materials used in making a 2-way loop gripper consist of steel, zinc, and brass.

Things to remember while using a 2-way loop gripper

  • Never add extra weights beyond the given limits.
  • Do not apply lubricants to the wire while using it.
  • Do not use it in a corrosive environment.

2-way loop gripper provided by golden peakock overseas Ltd

Golden Peakock Overseas is one of the best manufacturers of 2-way loop grippers. All the details of the 2-way loop gripper, its types, design, and size are mentioned on their website. You only need to request a quote to know the pricing details of the product you need to buy.

The 2-way loop gripper provided by golden peakock manufacturers consists of many grippers. It consists of loop grippers GPCB-298, GPCB-297, and GPCB-289. 2-way loop grippers are made of Zinc.


2-way loop gripper is used widely these days. The quality and efficiency of the 2-way loop gripper aremuch more important. Golden peakock manufactures the best quality 2-way loop gripper. The customer can visit their company website to know the product details. On the website, the products are sorted in such a way that makes it easy for everyone to identify.


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