A Complete Guide To Cable Grippers

cable grippers

A Complete Guide To Cable Grippers

Cable grippers work wonderfully when it comes to pulling or tensioning. They are light and easy to carry around to job sites and can be used conveniently once the cable pullers are placed in the correct capacities. Cable grippers are considerably put to use in various industries and are also available often for daily applications. 

How To Use Cable Grippers? 

As the name clearly suggests, a cable gripper is a gripping tool that enables users to pull a load and create tension upon the wire rope which is put through it. Wire rope requires tightening not only in industry but also for regular jobs around the home like tightening of wire rope fencing. In situations like this, cable grippers are really helpful as they enable simple, quick, and easy removal of slack from the wire rope, creating a structurally strong build compared to what it would have been if it was manually tightened. 

Cable grippers are predominantly used as they provide safety. Tightening or creating tensioning in wire ropes is a dangerous job and therefore using the best possible safety tool is of utmost importance. Good quality cable grips offer a firm and a non-slip grip without causing any destruction to the wire rope and are quality tested to meet tough safety standards and regulations. 

All Cable Grips are Not Manufactured Equally: 

Cable grippers are available in a variety of options and each one of them has its own set of pros and cons which we shall discuss in this part of the article. 

The most commonly used cable gripper does not provide a “grip” per se but is almost like a half-hitch method that is attached to the last couple of feet of the cable. This type works superbly if the pull is not that difficult and the tensioning is not too tight. However, one difficulty that may arise is that the cable may end up bowing if a large amount of tension is applied creating pressure on the cable head and making the head drag. 

The second type of cable grip available is a metal wire mesh which is often commonly referred to as Kellems Grip. It is more like a braided wire sleeving grip that comes with a pulling eye. This one functions based on the “Chinese Grip” principle to lock it down on the cable once force is applied and distributed on it longitudinally. Although these grips are extremely powerful, they too have a few drawbacks like the head itself takes up a significant amount of space because of the grip profile. 

The third type of cable grip is a fabric mesh grip. They come with braided circular fabric sleeving and functions based on the same principle as the Kellems Grip- however, with a much lesser profile. Therefore, a fabric grip is ideal to be used in ducts under 50mm where every inch of space is highly important. These grippers are available in two options- polyester and synthetic- the polyester being more economical and the synthetic one being more stronger and durable.


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