5 Safety Tips Of Snap Hook While Using It On The Field

snap hooks

While snap hooks are widely used in various industries, it is a crucial piece of safety equipment and therefore requires you to ensure safety at work. Snap hooks need to be used correctly and as one of the leading snap hook manufacturers in India, let us enlighten you with the 5 top safety tips that must be considered while using them on the field.

1. Quality: The quality of the snap hook is a factor that must be considered right at the beginning. We all know what snap hooks are used for and if the quality is not durable and reliable enough, safety while using it may be hampered. Golden Peakock snap hooks are manufactured with high-quality zinc plated mild steel or stainless steel and are also available at a fair price. It ascertains safety as they are constructed to the highest and safest possible standards. 

2. Choosing The Appropriate ‘Safe Working Load’: Snap hooks are manufactured in varieties depending on the weight they are able to withstand or carry. This is why snap hooks must be strong and reliable catering to your load-bearing needs.  Heavy-duty applications usually require an 8mm snap hook or above as these can withstand around 75 kg and are sturdy, and reliable to be used on the field. 

3. Inspection: Just considering the quality of the material of snap hooks is not enough. General wear and tear can greatly affect the safety of the snap hook. Therefore, doing a thorough inspection before using it is of utmost importance. Inspect whether there are any worn-out components, check for signs of corrosion, and make sure that it is in good condition. Golden Peakock snap hooks are devoid of all these doubts and we guarantee superior quality snap hooks for your use. 

4. Correct Usage: It is important to follow instructions while working with a snap hook. They must be used correctly in order to ensure safety and must be also well-practiced beforehand so as not to let any accident happen. 

5. Be Careful: Despite practicing these above-mentioned safety tips, it is necessary to be overall careful while using snap hooks in the working field. They are designed to be strong and durable but that does not mean that you’ll be careless about them while using them. Few ‘rules’ that are important to remember are: 

  • Two or more snap hooks must never be connected. 

  • Two snap hooks must not be connected to a single D-ring. 

  • It is important to choose the correct size D-ring for the hook. 

If you are looking to gather more information on snap hooks or looking to buy them for your business purposes, get in touch with Golden Peakock, today! Our team will help you choose the right snap hook as per your requirement and also provide guidance on how to use them safely. Call us today and supply your clients with the most reliable and durable snap hooks from the house of the best snap hook manufacturers in India.


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